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Helmtrud Nyström

Helmtrud Nyström was born in Hannover in Germany in 1939. During 1965-70 she studied at Forum, the famous school of graphical art in Malmö, Sweden. Presently she lives in Lund in Southern Sweden.
The works available by Helmtrud Nyström are mostly etchings, but she is also a talented painter. The works on sale in the ArtNetGallery are a selection of lithographs from different periods in here carrier.

Helmtrud Nyström has had a large number of both solo and group exhibitions both on the national and international arena.

Represented (a selection):
Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, 
Göteborgs Konstmuseum, 
Malmö Museer, 
National Gallery, Oslo; 
Ateneum, Helsingfors; 
Alvar Alto Museum, Jyväskylä; 
Nordic House, Reykjavik; 
British Museum, London; 
The Culture Museum, Osnabrück; 
The Art Museum, Lodz; 
Nationalmuseum, Prag; 
Kunsthall, Rostock; 
The Academy of Arts, Sarajevo; 
Konstmuseet Menton; 
The Arts Museum, Bhopal; 
The Modern Museum, Rio de Janeiro.
The Art Museum, Stralsund;
The Art Museum, Krakow;
The Cultural Museum, Grifswald;
University Collection, Alberta;

After the dance, 1993

No title, 1969

Once we caught a face II, 1970

Untitled 2  1948

Untitled 1948

Untitled 2

Untitled 3


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