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Arman (Armand Pierre Fernadez) was born in Nice in France in 1928. His father, who was an immigrant from N-Africa, was an autodidact artist and inspired and gave Arman the first lessons in painting.

After art education in different institutions and working in the French Marine hospital service in Indo-China in 1952, he had his first solo exhibition in Galerie du Haut-Pave in Paris in 1956. Arman has become world known for his work in mixed media, especially on large works of objects from his studio like filling a board with colored brushes or oil color tubes. Making bronze statues and cutting it into slices and arranging it in a progressive three dimensional sculpture is also one of his specialties.

Arman's work is exhibited in many of the world's major art museums. Here in the ArtNetGallery we exhibit works by Arman, which are good examples of his work. Araman died in New York in 2005.

Draped woman

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Le masque a gaz

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From the Red Cross

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Le fer a´repasser

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Le Transistors

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Les bouches ouvertes

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Le Telefone

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